Lesion Removal

Lesion Removal

Mole Removal

NAEVI (Moles) are common growths that start off as flat, pigmented spots.

With time they generally become elevated and dome shaped and eventually become fleshy and less pigmented.

Non-cancerous moles tend to be of even color and regular outline whereas cancerous moles (melanoma) tend to display irregular colour and irregular outline. Correct diagnosis is essential prior to treatment.

Moles which are of cosmetic importance are removed by Cautery, Laser or are excised and may require suturing. The preferred method depends on various factors including, the size, location and color of the spot. Removal of moles may leave a scar but this is generally not very noticeable.

Lesion Removal

Skin Tag

Skin tags are small pieces of hanging skin that generally appear on the eyelids, neck, shoulders, underarms, under the breasts and may appear in the groin area. Ranging in colour from dark brown to the same shade as the rest of your skin, they may result from hormonal changes or exist due to genetics.

They are not considered harmful, but may become troublesome if they are large. Large skin tags can be as large as a grape, which can get caught in clothing or zippers. Some find Skin tags as unattractive blemish.

Skin tags can be effectively removed without leaving a scar. Our physician may remove the skin tag by either Cautery or Excise. 

Laser removal of skin tags currently results in the least amount of scarring when compared to other forms of skin tag removal techniques.

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